The way that electricity is being generated in Great Britain changes every minute of every day. Our power stations must respond to changing demand and changing weather patterns. It has to respond to every flick of an electricity switch on the cold winter nights and long summer days. The power stations themselves are changing, with reducing numbers of coal power stations, new nuclear plants and growth in gas, wind, solar and biomass.

MyGridGB charts all of this change. It provides analysis of the volumes of electricity being produced and consumed, and where that electricity comes from. It shows this in real time as well as providing historical data. It uses data streams from Sheffield University and Elexon, the company responsible for managing the electricity and trading arrangements of England and Wales. Blogs by myself and guest authors also provide the latest insights.

The analysis is not limited to the volumes of electricity. MyGridGB also charts carbon emissions from electricity – of critical importance for a country with carbon reduction targets.

Further, the “Manifesto for a Low Carbon Electricity Supply” shows an alternative. This alternative is a simulation of a different mix of power stations and energy which would meet our carbon objectives. The manifesto is simulated in real time on the website.

British Electricity Generation Mix on Saturday 24th of June 2017


*Embedded wind is turbines and wind farms which are not connected directly to the grid but to the local network. These are not metered so I provide estimated values.

Total Generation

Low Carbon Electricity

Carbon Emissions

MyGridGB is kindly supported by the Durham Energy Institute.