Rogue US can’t derail Bonn agenda as leaders keep the faith

The US was a marginal presence at a COP23 summit that kept the wind in the sails of global climate action, writes Jeremy Leggett in Recharge Magazine. Busy executives in companies producing and using renewable energy may be wondering what to make of the increasingly detailed negotiations at the latest… Read-more

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Explaining Solarcentury’s move this week, and a presentation on solar civilisation and the emerging threats to democracy

Photo: Solarcentury CEO Frans van den Heuvel Solarcentury entered a long-term strategic partnership with Germany’s number one solar park builder, Capital Stage, this week. Together we intend to capitalise and execute 1.1 GW of a 2.5 GW Solarcentury project pipeline, in 5 countries, an undertaking requiring capital of £0.8 billion… Read-more

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The conundrum deepens – big solar deployment rises yet faster, small solar falls still further: chapter 4 of The Test

Paramount Pictures, West London, 16th August 2017 A private screening of Al Gore’s film, An Inconvenient Sequel. We are ten years on from the release of his original blockbuster, An Inconvenient Truth. The new film tells the story of that decade, and the race against time that it represents for… Read-more

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A view under the bonnet: chapter 3 of The Test.

Photo: Charlottesville, Virginia, 12th August 2017 – New players on the stage, probably unbothered about passing The Test Cambridge, UK, 31st July 2017 I land at Heathrow, take a train into London and then another to Cambridge. I have occasional sessional teaching duties at the University, with the Cambridge Institute… Read-more

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2017 (42)2016 (8)
  • December 31st - 2016 in Review (Review) (by Dr Andrew Crossland)
    2016 was a momentous year for our electricity supply: the signing and ratification of the Paris climate agreement, the announced closure of all coal power stations by 2025 and of course the launch of this blog. In this piece I pull out what I think are the key messages in GB electricity from 2016.
  • December 29th - The carbon value of energy efficiency (Demand, Efficiency) (by Dr Andrew Crossland)
    Electricity is changing in the way it is being generated and also in how it is being used. At the end of 2015, I switched my house from incandescent/halogen lightbulbs to LED. In 2016, my family’s electricity consumption dropped by more than a third. But what is the carbon value in reducing our electrical demand?
  • December 28th - The return to gas (Uncategorized) (by Dr Andrew Crossland)
    Christmas Day 2016 created headlines due to high amounts of low carbon generation and low demand. Since then, the use of fossil fuels increased as Britain returned to work and as wind generation fell.
  • December 26th - Where did electricity come from on Christmas Day? (Gas, Greenhouse Gas, Records, Wind) (by Dr Andrew Crossland)
    In this blog, I focus on where our electricity came from across the whole of Christmas Day
  • December 25th - Cooking turkeys with record amounts of wind (Gas, Records, Wind) (by Dr Andrew Crossland)
    On Christmas, the normal rules of providing electricity are a little different. Every day there is a peak demand for electricity which is met by switching on power stations at the right time. In this blog, I broke that our turkey was, in fact, powered by a record percentage of low carbon electricity.
  • December 23rd - A new clean energy milestone? (0) (Demand, Greenhouse Gas, Records, Review) (by Dr Andrew Crossland)
    It was reported in the Guardian newspaper that the UK hit a "clean energy milestone" after low carbon power "accounted for 50% of electricity generation in the UK in the third quarter". This is based on Government figures here. Is this true for Great Britain? Here are the numbers.
  • November 27th - The electricity story so far in 2016 (1) (Review) (by Dr Andrew Crossland)
    My review of electricity in 2016 for the online magazine Blue and Green Tomorrow
  • November 27th - Quarterly Electricity Use (0) (Uncategorized) (by Dr Andrew Crossland)