A Manifesto for a Low Carbon Electricity Supply

My Manifesto for Sustainable Electricity examines whether we can meet our present electricity demand and meet our carbon goals. The premise of the manifesto is that integrating more low-carbon sources of electricity alongside energy storage can offset sufficient high-carbon electricity to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity. The manifesto does not propose a low carbon deployment which completely offsets gas, but one which sufficient to make big inroads into our fossil fuel consumption. It saves gas for the still and dark days, and deploys renewables and energy storage to take advantage of the weather when it is favorable. In short, my mix is shown to give much lower carbon electricity when averaged over a period of months rather than days.

This manifesto is as follows:

There are missing technologies, notably marine power and efficiency saving, which would of course further reduce carbon emissions. I also do not yet look at heat and transport emissions. I have written blogs on these and hope to integrate them in a future manifesto. I also do not directly model costs, although evidence does show that renewables are now hitting grid parity in price terms around the world.

These things are coming but take time to do professionally and in an evidence based manner.

Download here:

A Manifesto for a Low Carbon Electricity Supply

The manifesto is simulated in real time and you can track that simulation on this site.

To prove my manifesto, it is simulated in real time and you can view the results here. A summary of the last 150 days of electricity (real vs under the manifesto) is shown below.

Over the last 150 days…

Original CO2


CO2 under manifesto