Sponsorship Opportunities

I am seeking sponsors to help improve the content on MyGridGB and to give it a firm financial sustainability. It has been run as a voluntary service for the past 2 years and that means I have paid for everything myself. Going forward, I want to use some great paid services such as Infogr.am to get better content and display new messaging.

Sponsorship can include:

  • Developing a manifesto for low carbon electricity using a different mix of generation to that which I propose in my manifesto. http://www.mygridgb.co.uk/manifesto-tracker/
  • Simulating new technology in a 2030 sustainable home such as here: http://www.mygridgb.co.uk/residential-solar-and-battery-larger-system/
  • Putting new electricity generation into the manifesto: how would your technology help the UK meet carbon targets? Could you reduce demand?
  • Renovating/retrofitting existing housing to meet carbon targets (for electricity, heat and transport). That is a huge aim but MyGridGB is a great platform to get good data out about what is possible with today’s technology and aspiration.

If interested, please email Andrew at mygridapp@gmail.com