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MyGridGB is a family of platforms which give real time information and analysis of energy and carbon emissions in Great Britain. I established MyGridGB to provide a source of unbiased information about these contentious issues and let you, the public, form your own opinions on our energy future based on the data given.

I love all the feedback I get through email, Twitter and Facebook. Please do direct your comments and queries to me: I try to answer them all. I also welcome guest contributions to my blog.

My email is andrew@mygridgb.co.uk for both comments, queries and media enquiries.

About me

Andrew Crossland

Dr Andrew Crossland MIET

I am an electrical engineer, using energy storage to reduce electricity costs around the world. This was the focus of my PhD. I now work on projects in the UK, East Africa and South America integrating energy storage into the electricity system.
The content of this website only represents my own analysis and not necessarily that of any of my employers.


MyGridGB is funded through my own pocket and via kind donations.

In December 2016, MyGridGB was awarded funding from the Durham Energy Institute (DEI). As a PhD student, I was supported by the DEI and retain a position there as an Associate Fellow. The DEI have no influence on the material which I publish

Durham Energy Institute draws on the expertise of world-leading researchers across Durham University with a membership spanning departments in Science, Social Science and Humanities. We emphasise a ‘Science and Society’ approach to energy which tackles the societal aspects of energy technology generating insights into how technology is shaped by, adopted by, and influences society. We also undertake research developing new energy technologies and solutions for the benefit of society including renewables generation (wind, solar, geothermal, bio-fuels) and integration, transmission and distribution, smart energy systems, carbon capture and storage, unconventional hydrocarbons, and nuclear fusion.